A family company makes history


Zaugg Emballeur AG was founded on 1 January 1977 by Werner Zaugg. The site of a recently decommissioned gas plant in Schlieren proved an ideal location for storing and packing large, bulky items.

In 1985, Zaugg Emballeur AG expanded. It bought its own sites and other properties covered by leases from the city of Zurich. Plenty of space meant that the management could expand its warehousing services and found the “Facility Management” department.

In 1991, Zaugg Emballeur AG reached another milestone. On 1 July, it founded the Biel branch based in Brügg. In 1996 the company moved to Biel, and in 2011 moved again within Biel to another location. At the same time, the Biel branch was renamed “Werk Biel”.

In 1998, the takeover of the family company by the second generation was initiated. Son Michael Zaugg took over the management of the company, while Werner Zaugg continued to act as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Providing the best-possible customer service is a key concern for Zaugg Emballeur AG. For this reason, in 2007 it founded the “Logistics” department. It has concluded agreements with land, air and sea transport service providers, allowing it to offer a complete service that encompasses collection right through to delivery at the destination, and which is of supreme quality and competitively priced.

In September 2011, Zaugg Emballeur AG was the first professional Swiss transport packer and crate manufacturer to expand into China. After careful evaluation of various locations, the management opted for a site in Changzhou, 150 km from Shanghai. Zaugg (Changzhou) Packaging Co. Ltd. in China currently primarily works for Western customers looking for professional service and  “Swiss Quality produced in China”.

The company is already considered a proven specialist for the packing and global export of goods of all kinds, providing the highest-possible care, quality and service.

Everything we do has to be to our

” Zaugg Swiss Quality” standard.

As a result, we provide a level of service that will satisfy even the highest demands. Always and everywhere.

Zu jeder Zeit und an jedem Ort.