Does not break and does not burn

We recommend Fill-Pac as padding material. Fill-Pac is based on polystirol strips, which comprise chemically inert and pure hydrogen. In contrast to conventional polystyrene chips, Fill-Pac does not break and is extremely fire resistant. It does not gather dust and repels water effectively. This means that it is ideal packing material for shipping a wide range of goods.

Once inside the packaging, the Fill-Pac polystirol strips intertwine with each other, preventing the transported goods from sagging and providing optimal protection. The padding thickness adapts to the weight of the cargo in accordance with the amount of Fill-Pac inserted.

Now nothing can happen to it – unless you run out of Fill-Pac. If you do, simply call us and order new bags containing approximately 0.5 m3 of material or weighing approximately 8 kg.

Delivery in short strips, packaged in bags of approximately 0.5 m³ volume, weight per bag about 8 Kg


Our full service at a glance:

  • Raw material polystyrene = pure carbon, hydrogen chemically neutral
  • Universally applicable for the shipment of your products
  • Simple and cost-saving
  • No dust
  • No water absorption
  • reusable